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Custom Programming


Custom Exhibit Programs

Fuel180 has produced custom, interactive programs for museums, science centers, and corporate customers. Our unique blend of creativity and technology has allowed us to create programs that are interesting to look at, fun to use, and dependable. Colorful graphics, dynamic animations, music, sound effects and video all come together to form an exciting educational experience. Data tracking and usage reporting bring even more value to the table and offers you the ability to collect valuable data for evaluation. We have extensive experience with touch screen displays, specialty interfaces, kiosks, and multimedia hardware. 

Facility Tours

Maps, photos, diagrams, and interactive panoramic photography are great ways to give your visitors an overview and even detailed information on your facility. From simple directions or location information to detailed facility usage information, an interactive facility tour can be a  great way to share this information. 

Custom Games

Do you have an idea for a game for your exhibit, training, or conference? Do you have some specific educational information to convey? We can bring your idea to development and assist with the technological issues. Shown here is a custom game developed for the National Aviary. This game teaches players how conditions in the environment are affected by changes within the environment. The player has control over things like "how many cars" are in the environment and can see the effect on the environment. 

History and Trivia

Share the history and interesting, fun facts about your company with a Trivia Quiz. How was the company founded? Who were the key people involved in the company's growth? Where are your locations? Fun games containing this information can be used in HR, marketing, and sales events. This type of game is fun for all ages. 

The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center produced
this car kiosk for their Hurricane Preparedness exhibit. They
hired Fuel180 to develop the custom programs for the exhibit.


Civil War Touch Screen Quiz Game


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